Development history:

Founded in 2003, devoted to saling and research of Li-ion battery separators;

Self-research made significant progress in 2006, wet process pilot plant put into construction;

Dry process made significant breakthrough in 2007 , brought in risk investment and boost joint-stock system reform the same year, hence perfecting corporate governance structure;

Designed and manufacturered the first uniaxial stretching dry process in 2008,and this year Xili factory put into production;

Second dry process production line designed in 2009, South China manufacturing base laid the foundation in November;

Nov2010 South China manufacturing base put into production, making it the largest Li-ion battery manufacturer and leading position in this industry being consolidated.

In 2011 the annual productivity is sixty million square meters, keeping good relationships with more than 80% of domestic lithium battery production enterprises;

The company production capacity has reached to 90 million square meters in 2012, and we are starting to building the new generation of wet process line.