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NEWS CENTER Vice premier ma kai inspected our company to emphasize the development of new energy automobile industry

Vice premier ma kai inspected our company to emphasize the development of new energy automobile industry


Shenzhen special zone daily reported:, Ma kai, member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and vice premier of the state council, inspected Shenzhen Senior on January 9, 2014. They visited the production workshop and held the on-site meeting in the Shenzhen Senior conference hall. He stressed the importance of fully recognizing the development of energy conservation and new energy vehicles, firmly seizing the strategic opportunity period of the transformation of electric vehicle power system, vigorously developing the new energy vehicle industry, significantly reducing automobile fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, and significantly improving air quality. Hu chunhua, party secretary of guangdong province, miao wei, minister of industry and information technology, xiao yaqing, deputy secretary-general of the state council, xu shaohua, Lin linsheng and liu zhigeng, leaders of guangdong province, shenzhen mayor xu qin, deputy mayor Chen biao and tian fu, party secretary of guangming new area participated in the research activities. Ma kai pointed out that through four years of demonstration and promotion, China's new energy vehicle has been in the early stage of industrial development, keeping pace with the development of international new energy vehicles. Guangdong province and shenzhen municipality actively promoted the research which make new energy vehicle research and development and manufacturing in the forefront of the country, However, in general, China's new energy vehicle industry is still faced with such problems as immature technology, high product cost, and inadequate system and mechanism to adapt to market rules. Ma stressed that the development of new energy vehicles have to seriously implement the spirit of the third plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee, we should accelerate the transformation of government functions, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of state-owned and private enterprises and other sectors, improve policies and measures to support industrial development, actively develop new energy vehicle products for consumers, and constantly improve the new energy vehicle industry and market system.

On January 10, ma kai's inspection of Shenzhen Senior company was reported on the front page of shenzhen special zone newspaper, The photo on the newspaper shows Chen xiufeng, chairman of Shenzhen Senior, introducing the company to vice premier ma kai, sec